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—  Art...Beauty...Fashion

Summer Workshop


At the Art, Beauty and Fashion Summer camp we believe that creative arts can train students to thrive in subjectivity and ambiguity, a necessary skill in personal and business world where few things are black and white.

Monday - Friday, July 9 - 20, 2018 from 9 - 4 pm


Week 1

—  Introduction —

—  Foundations of Color —

—  Drawing Lab —

— Painting the Canvas... You —

— Artsy Core Class —


Week 2

—  Design Thinking —

—  Drawing Lab —

— Types of Art  —

— Artsy Core Class —

— Mixed Art Basics —


*schedule subject to change

Exhibition Project

Sometimes when experiences don't adapt to you, you must find a way to adapt to them - this was the experience of our founder. You will find some amazing, eclectic and unique places and things in Louisville and will be asked to produce an art project of your choosing to creatively express 'Your Louisville". 

Project to be shown at our closing party. More information to follow on Week 1.




" ... there is typically not one right answer when you make decisions. There are just different shades of how correct you might be.”

~Steve Yi


Artist and Jewelry Designer of Deleay Lashay, Marissa Kendrick, 

Artist and Jewelry Designer of Deleay Lashay, Marissa Kendrick, 

—  Outcome of Art Pathway—

From closed to open minds. 

A foundationally learning of art and design to understand basic skills and concepts.

The ability to critically access and solve problems.

Personal development, artistic growth and teamwork.